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Talent Web Academy is there to support, advise and train you on how to drive community buy-in. Benefit from year-round training, receive several different products and share your discoveries with your audience. Work with the brands you identify with, in line with your interests. Tempted to join the adventure? Join our Talent team!

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Apply to run the campaigns that align with your interests

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Have a clearly defined universe Have a public account Propose high-quality content
Have the minimum number of followers depending on the platform :

Why join Talent Web Academy?

Talent web Academy allows you to collaborate with brands that look like you and correspond to your universe. An integral part of Webedia Creators, a leader in influence marketing, we support you in developing and training you on themes that correspond to your universe.

They talk about it the best!

The platform I trust 100%.

For over 4 years, I have participated in several food campaigns with brands I really loved. The team is responsive, conscientious, truly caring, and knows how to highlight its talents with thoughtful gestures.


I really appreciate the professionalism at Talent Web Academy.

Or even the atmosphere in general. The team is attentive, and you can feel the trust that prevails within the team


It has been a pleasure working with Talent Web Academy.

The team offered us projects perfectly suited to our profile, and the exchanges were always quick and efficient. It's a team of professionals who accompany talents as they should.