Talent Web Academy allows you to work with the brands that align with you and your interests. As an integral part of Webedia Creators, a leader in influencer marketing, we offer support to develop and train you on the specific themes that satisfy your interests.

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Personalized Talent Support

Micro-influencers get made-to-measure support throughout the year to help them grow their community and build loyalty


Inspiring meetings with brands, influencers and experts


Online courses with modules of various levels and a dedicated team

Practical Advice

The team gives advice about trends, tutorials and best influencing practices

Training Produces Excellence

Soon, after their registrations are confirmed by Talent Web Academy, the talents of tomorrow will be able to join our exclusive support programme to hone their skills relating to “Influence”, “Social Networks” and “Tools”.

This programme revolves around online training and will include more than 20 modules ranging from level 1 to level 3, with new ones unlocked as micro-influencers make progress.

Training Produces Excellence

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