Talent Web Academy is a new service offered by Talent Web, one of the world's leading talent management agencies. The Academy identifies the profiles with the best potential and engages them to serve your brand. We give them the tools and skills to immerse themselves in your world and share their experiences with their community.

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How it works.

We create tailor-made teams for brands, which consist of 100% reliable profiles that have been methodically selected to convey your message and relay your products. When we create a team for a brand, the micro-influencers are exclusive to the sector.

Our Commitments


Beyond providing a service, we create durable relationships of trust between your brand and micro-influencers.


We train talents of tomorrow with modern programs adapted to meet the specific requirements of your brand.


We offer you turnkey marketing instruments from profile selection to the coordination of the activities of micro-influencers to product dispatch and organising events.

Your World is Ours

There is always a micro-influencer who fits you. Talent Web Academy makes it possible for you to engage them in a unique and exclusive relationship. Whether they are foodies, beauty addicts or decor lovers, micro-influencers are ready to discover your brand.

Why Talent Web Academy?

As one of the leaders in influencer marketing, Talent Web allows you to connect your micro-influencer setups to other levels of influence, from consumers to top creators. You can also reap the benefits of Webedia Arabia's media and event management expertise to make your influence strategy shine over wider communities.