Who we are

Directly affiliated with Webedia Creators, a leader in the influencer marketing domain, Talent Web Academy is an agency dedicated to micro and mid influencer marketing. We identify the profiles with the greatest potential to serve your brand. The influencers we tap into are reliable and methodically selected to meet your needs and fully embody the spirit conveyed by your brand.

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Our Commitments


Well beyond being just a service, we develop sustainable, trustworthy relations between your brand and the influencers brought on board.


We hone our skills through the latest, targeted programs that meet the specifications of your brand.


We offer support, from skills selection to the shipping of products and event organization.

Your World is Ours

There is bound to be a content generator that strongly identifies with your brand. Talent Web Academy allows you to attract such profiles to form a unique, exclusive relationship. Whether they’re foodies, beauty addicts or décor aficionados, our talent scouts are ready to find them.

Why join Talent Web Academy?

Talent Web Academy allows you to activate micro and mid-level influencers with high-quality content and profiles that align with your brand's universe. As part of Webedia Creators, a leader in influencer marketing, we enable you to combine your micro and mid-level influencer approach with other types of influencers, from consumers to top YouTubers.