Talent Web Academy terms and conditions

T&Cs for Talents

1 Purpose
The purpose of these terms and conditions – T&Cs – is to set the rules for using the talentwebacademy.com site and the various services on the site. By browsing the talentwebacademy.com site you automatically and explicitly agree, without reservation, to abide by these T&Cs.

2 Access to the site and platform
The talentwebacademy.com site is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week except in the case of a force majeure or an event beyond the control of WEBEDIA. However, WEBEDIA reserves the right to interrupt access to the site, without giving users prior notice, in order to carry out maintenance or for any other reason.

3 Intellectual property
As a User, Partner and/or Member of the Site (hereafter referred to as “User”, you acknowledge and accept that the Site, Paltform and Services may contain elements, material and content (hereafter referrred to as “Site Content”) that is protected by intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks or commercial secrecy and other copyright laws, especially protected brands owned by third parties.

Unless you secure explicitly consent from WEBEDIA, you, as a user, agree not to edit, copy, rent, loan, sell, distribute or create any work derived from the Site Content and Platform, whether partially or in full. In addition, users agree to refrain from using data extraction and/or gathering systems.

The Talent Web Academy name and logos are registered trademarks owned by WEBEDIA. The other names and logos for products and services on Talent Web Academy are trademarks belonging to their respective owners who may or may not be affiliated to Talent Web Academy.

No provision in the T&Cs, and no service content, may be interpreted as granting, implicitly or explicitly, permission or a right to use Talent Web Academy brands with the written consent of Talent Web Academy in each and every case.

4 Use of service
Only natural persons (not companies) can become members. To register, you must have valid postal and electronic addresses and be resident in mainland France. Only people aged 18 or above are permitted to use the site. If you are a minor, your access to the site will be limited. In return for enjoying the services on Talentwebacademy.com, the user undertakes to respect the products and images of the brands that invite them to test products. Accordingly, the user undertakes to, in all circumstances,: Comply with prevailing laws and regulations and refrain from infringing the rights of third parties or disturbing public order; Respect the characteristics and constraints, especially technical, of all of the services offered by Talent Web Academy; Act, communicate, express him/herself with discernment, courtesy and respect for others in any comments, assessments or discussions that he or she may have on social networks or within the Talent Web Academy Community. Collaborate with WEBEDIA by providing the company with any information needed to fulfil the services smoothly.
The user assures WEBEDIA that he or she has all the necessary rights and permission to disseminate content on social networks and within the Talent Web Academy community and guarantees that he or she will not circulate any content that disturbs public order, offends public decency, infringes the rights of third parties, breaches any law or regulation or, more generally, could in any way affect the civil or penal liability of WEBEDIA. Moreover, the user agrees to give WEBEDIA and partners offering the products/services/benefits received by the user the non-exclusive right, for the purposes of identifying the user within the Talent Web Academy as well as for advertising or promotional purposes in France or abroad, to use or reproduce, in any existing or future format, images, photographs, artwork, avatars or any visual or textual publication representing the products and/or use of the services or benefits received by the user and distributed as part of a collaboration with Talent Web Academy, no matter where it is published.

5 Intellectual property
Site members can post material, video content and/or photographs (known together as "Third Party Content") through their Talent Web Academy account, for which they are fully responsible.

Under no circumstances can Talent Web Academy bear any responsibility in any way for Third Party Content posted on the Site andor Platform, including, but not limited to, any complaint by a third party about Third Paraty Content, any error or omission in Third Party Content, or any loss or harm caused by Third Party Content or the use of Third Party Content.

Talent Web Academy reserves the right to remove any Third Party Content that breaches the T&Cs or that does not abide by applicable law, including intellectual property law, as soon as Talent Web Academy becomes aware of the illegality of the said Content. Accordingly, Talent Web Academy asks any user to contact Talent Web Academy if he or she believes that a particular piece of Third Party Content infringes any rights and/or applicable law. To do this, send a mail to the following address (contact@talentweb academy.com) and follow the procedures laid down by the law regarding the removal of illicit content. After receiving a removal request that is deemed valid with regard to the applicable laws, Talent Web Academy will promptly remove the Third Party Content covered by the request.

You must evaluate and bear the risks relating to using Third Party Content, especially with regard to its accuracy, completeness and usefulness.

You recognise and agree that none of the questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, thoughts or other information about the service that you provide to Talent Web Academy are confidential and that Talent Web Academy has the right to use and distribute them for its own purposes and through a body other than Webedia and with no restriction, for commercial or other purposes, without any acknowledgement or compensation or any kind being due to you.

6 Confidentiality policy
The confidentiality policy is set out in a special document that can be accessed through this link: https://www.talentwebacademy.com/fr/policy

7 Miscellaneous provisions
WEBEDIA reserves the right to amend these T&Cs at any time. Users are advised to check the T&Cs regularly. The voiding of all or part of any of the provisions of these T&Cs shall not render any of the other provisions void.

8 Acceptance
Users indicate their acceptance of these terms and conditions by ticking a box in the registration form. This acceptance can only be total.

9 Disputes
This website and legal information are governed by French law. Any dispute relating to the interpretation or application of the T&Cs shall be heard by the relevant court in Nanterre.